Minggu, 19 September 2010

How to Draw a Cartoon Online

You can spend much time to create a single cartoon. It is a time consuming hobby. Even the difficultly increases if you are dealing with only a paper and a pencil.

Fortunately, technology has provided magic tools and systems that can help you create your cartoons online today.

These tools can give you opportunity to express your creative instincts and bring the characters and comics into life that until now have only come to life in your mind.

There are several online sites allow you to make an original cartoon. These free internet based cartoon systems can helps you to create your own cartoons. The online sites have plenty of layouts to choose from or you can start from scratch.

Just go to search for free cartoon generating websites. You might want to try using this website first. Most people spend no money to turn their picture into a cartoon and avatar image that they could have received for free. You can try this free online websites where you can cartoon yourself for free.

First of all, you need to have a good variety of digital picture and upload it to a website. Be sure that the file size of your pictures matches with the requirement of the free online cartooning program that you use. You can resize it to match if the file size of your picture is too big.

You can save each of your favorite cartoon images to your personal computer so that you can constantly upload new image to you profile pictures.

Many websites also have program on how to draw cartoon to let you adjust the cartoon and customize your cartoon in many ways. You can always create multiple cartoon results with just one picture.

You can also download cartoon animation software for more advanced people. But, you must be sure that your computer is running an anti virus of some sort if you decide to do this because there are many sites that claim to be a freeware type company, yet they will harm your computer.

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